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LUTs and Education 

Used and loved by thousands of filmmakers and photographers, Ludeman LUTs have become one of the easiest and most convenient ways to grade and expose Log footage.

We’ve carefully crafted and engineered LUTs for nearly every camera on the market. Bring your Log footage to life with Ludeman LUTs.

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Base LUT Pack

Log formats can often times be hard to expose without a proper way of monitoring your image. These formats also have a tendency to look flat or washed out. This is why I created my Base LUTs. Not only will they help you get exposure out on the field, they will also help you in post production. 

Skin Tone LUT Pack

I’ve always loved warm, pink, and creamy skin tones. I designed my Skin LUT Pack with this in mind. Just like the Base LUT Pack, the green and red channel for these LUTs have also been modified. The Skin LUT Pack is my go-to for filming weddings.

Dan Ludeman is the owner of Ludeman Productions. He is a cinematographer and content creator from South Dakota. Many examples of his work as well as gear reviews and insider tips and tutorials can be found on his YouTube channel under his business name, Ludeman Productions.

He also creates various works for local and national brands. Select samples of his footage can be found on and licensed through Artgrid, for whom he is a highlighted contributer.