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This bundle includes the following LUT packs:
FLAT CURVE – ZCAM S6,F6,F8 Ludeman_709_LUT
HIGH SAT – ZCAM S6,F6,F8 Ludeman_709_LUT
MED SAT – ZCAM S6,F6,F8 Ludeman_709_LUT
LOW SAT – ZCAM S6,F6,F8 Ludeman_709_LUT

Why do you need these LUTs?

I’ve always loved warm, pink, and creamy skin tones. I designed The ZCAM E2-S6,F6,F8 LUT Pack with this in mind. The green and red channel for these LUTs has been modified to better enphasize skin tones. These LUTs also provide a wonderful base for color grading. 

Zlog 2 and other log formats can often times be hard to expose without a proper way of monitoring your image. Zlog 2 and other log formats also have a tendency to look flat or washed out. This is why I created my ZCAM E2-S6,F6,F8 LUT Pack, specifically made for ZCAM E2 S6, F6 and F8. Not only will they help you get exposure out on the field, they will also help you in post production. 

Before I go any further, I should note that I didn’t create these LUTs with the intent to sell them. These are simply the LUTs I’ve personally used and perfected over the years. I should also note that these LUTs are not a”fix all” for your footage. These LUTs simply serve as a base or starting point for your grade. If you want the best results, I suggest grading beyond the simple application of the LUT. 

Each LUT in this pack was created specifically for the ZCAM Z-log 2 color profile. My primary tests when creating the LUTs were with the ZCAM E2 – S6 and F6. I designed these LUTs to help me achieve proper exposure while I’m filming and grading while continuing to maintain a pleasing picture. Each LUT included has varying degrees of saturation and color. The “FLAT CURVE” Lut, works best for exposing when you are out on the field. 

Notes & Tips:

-These LUTs work best when you (ETTR) expose to the right with your histogram.

– Every camera is different. With that said, you may have to further adjust your color after you’ve applied the LUT. In most cases, a simple temp/tint adjustment will suffice. 

– For the best results, be sure your camera is properly white balanced while filming. 


Thank you for your interest in my work and your continued support! I will be including links to some color grading tutorials as soon I have them shot and edited. 

***If you have any questions, please contact me.***

Thank you for your interest in my work and your continued support! For our latest work be sure to check out the channels below.